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JP Errico is a well-established executive, entrepreneur, and inventor who co-founded and serves as a Board Member of electroCore (NASDAQ:ECOR), a leading neuromodulation company specializing in non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation. His intellectual property portfolio for the treatment of airway reactive disorders and neurologic conditions has been pivotal to the company’s success.

JP is also the co-host of The Health Upgrade podcast and is currently writing a book on the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system. His focus is on how individuals can optimize their autonomic nervous systems to control their innate immune cells for maximal health and wellness and extend their healthy lifespans. He shares his insights through his blog.

JP is the named inventor of over 250 US patents, with hundreds more pending or issued worldwide. He has successfully founded and sold or taken public several medical device and pharmaceutical companies, including Fastenetix, K2 Medical Systems, AD4-Pharma, E2, and SpineCore, with his patented products generating over $20 billion in sales.

With his vast experience, JP has held senior positions in various healthcare companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He provides strategic advisory services to companies, Boards, and management teams, covering multiple areas of expertise, including private and public capital markets, clinical and regulatory affairs, R&D, manufacturing, M&A negotiations, integration, Board governance, and intellectual property portfolio management.

JP’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and graduate degrees in both law and mechanical/materials engineering from Duke University. He is a trained patent attorney in New York and has authored a treatise on international intellectual property law.

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